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Tech Delta Program


The Tech Delta Program is designed to supply financial assistance to tech and medical companies relocating or expanding within the City of Cleveland. These companies experience much higher build-out costs or rental rates due to specific technological needs for their operations. The Department of Economic Development will offer grants on a square footage basis ($5/SF) up to $50,000. This grant would financially support upgrades, and in turn, make it financially feasible to expand operations or to lower rents. Therefore, companies with expenses associated with tech and lab buildout beyond standard “white-box” space are ideal candidates for the program.


For-profit entities moving to/expanding in Cleveland that are creating at least five (5) new, full-time jobs in the City.

Max Assistance

$5 a square foot, up to $50,000.

Use of Proceeds 

  • Tech buildout 
  • Lab space 
  • New construction 
  • Renovation

Equity Requirement 

Applicant must provide a minimum of 10% equity