Cleveland Citywide Development Corporation

Our Mission
CCDC is committed to improving the quality of life in the City of Cleveland, enhancing the lives of our citizens, strengthening our neighborhoods, creating job opportunities and encouraging investment by assisting businesses expanding within or locating to the City of Cleveland, by providing financing, workforce solutions, and technical assistance.

Establishment & Function

Established in 1981, the Cleveland Citywide Development Corporation (CCDC) was originally formed with the sole purpose of advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of the City of Cleveland. Today, managed by its Board of Trustees, the Corporation continues to serve that purpose, as well as promoting and assisting with the growth and development of businesses, including small businesses, addressing business concerns, and employing financial and technical assistance to ensure resources are reaching underserved neighborhoods.

In addition, CCDC serves as the approval authority for the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development loans and grants under $250,000 pursuant to Cleveland City Ordinance No. 90-10. For loans over $250,000, CCDC reviews loan requests approved by City administration and financed by the Department of Economic Development, and provides recommendation to Cleveland City Council. CCDC also assists the City in implementing several programs through the Mayor’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, including the Cleveland Impact Fund, Housing Development Fund, Retail Incubator Program, and a partial scholarship program offered through We Can Code IT.

 Questions about CCDC should be directed to Briana Butler at  

Business Development

CCDC supports the development of future economic development professionals through an internship program where interns are funded by CCDC and placed in the Department of Economic Development.  From time to time, interns have been placed in other City of Cleveland departments where an economic impact can be made through their placement.  CCDC also provides training funds to the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development to ensure staff are updated on the most effective tools for economic development.  A current CCDC schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.

Board & Oversight

Of the CCDC Board of Trustees and Loan Review Committee members, 40% are elected or appointed officials appointed by the Mayor, with the balance of the members appointed through a nominating committee process. The team includes community representatives that include bankers, finance professionals, and community development professionals as well as elected or appointed City officials. City Departments of Economic Development, Community Development, and Office of Equal Opportunity are all represented on the Board, as well as Cleveland City Council.

Anyone with any questions about CCDC should contact Bell Espinal at (216) 664-4274 or Current schedules for CCDC Board and Loan Review can be found here below.