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Painter's Union Building

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The Snavely Group is proposing a mixed use development located at 2605 & 2715 Detroit Avenue. The project will convert two sites, the existing Painter’s Union Building located at 2605 Detroit Avenue and a surface parking lot located at 2715 Detroit Avenue.  The project includes approximately 6,600 square feet of commercial space, 85 market rate apartments, 2 affordable apartments and 115 parking spaces.

The Painter’s Union Building located at 2605 Detroit Avenue will add 8 market rate residential units on floors 2 and 3, 4,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space and a rooftop deck.

Quarter Phase 3 located at 2715 Detroit Avenue will be a 5 story new construction building that will be attached to the existing Painters Union Building , it will add 77 market rate residential units and 2 affordable housing units, 2,600 square feet of commercial space and 115 parking spaces, comprised of surface parking and interior parking. Snavely Property Company will lease commercial space to create a new downtown office. Residential amenities include a fitness center, a 750 square foot gallery/lobby and a rooftop deck. 

The City is providing a non-school TIF and a $180,000 forgivable loan through the Vacant Property Initiative Program to assist with the redevelopment and construction.  The total project investment is expected to exceed $23 million and is estimated to create 20 full-time jobs and retain 5 full-time jobs.