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Cleveland Athletic Club

Development Projects
Job Creation:
30 Jobs
TIF District

The Cleveland Athletic Club was a historic club containing a swimming pool, bowling alley, spa, and other activities which closed its doors in 2007. Since then, the building has been a notable vacancy in a key part of Euclid Avenue in Downtown Cleveland. With assistance from the City, the historic building has been preserved and redeveloped into a mixed-use structure. 

The redevelopment project includes 163 units of high-end housing, approximately 6,800 square feet of office space, and 3,990 square feet of first-floor retail. 

The City of Cleveland provided the developers a TIF to address the funding gap. The TIF is the final piece that enabled the project to move forward. This property is integral to completing the redevelopment of Euclid Avenue, stitching Downtown and Playhouse Square together. The project will retain 20 jobs and generate 6-10. The redevelopment of this building will eliminate one of the last major development gaps along Euclid.